'My Dangerous Loverboy' film

The trailer from the acclaimed short film about a young girl who falls into the trap of a sexually exploitative relationship.

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'Set Me Free' music video

The official music video from the My Dangerous Loverboy film, with over 12,000 views on YouTube!

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'Me, Jenny & Kate' animation

Produced in collaboration with Barnados, this tells the real-life story of girls recovering from traumatic relationships.

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"The pack was very well received by students and colleagues. The film engaged students completely, they watched in awed silence as it brought home to them the shocking reality of peer pressure, street grooming and exploitative relationships."
Rotherham - J.B. Year 10 teacher


"The MDL film has really opened peoples' eyes to the realities of CSE and the 'Love or Lies?' pack has enabled them to address these growing issues in more depth, explore relationships, and help young people make happier, safer and healthier choices. I have 20 years experience of working with sexually exploited children and young people and can fully recommend the pack to ALL institutions, agencies and organisations for young people."
Marilyn Haughton, Consultant and Trainer


"The value of the pack, DVD and interactive website is that it enables students to link exploitation with personal relationships and peer pressure. Teachers can use the pack as a stand-alone resource or to stimulate an investigative class project, and is flexible enough to adapt for different ages, contexts and teaching styles. If you want to provoke discussion, this will do it!"
N.O' Connor, Head of Citizenship


"This is an excellent, well-produced package and a very useful multi-agency learning tool. It provides an helpful and detailed introduction to the topic for practitioners and effectively communicates the dangers that a broad demographic of young people are open to."
S.A. Lead Child Protection Officer


"'Love or Lies?' helps schools re-balance Sex and Relationships Education so that 'relationships' receives more attention. The manual contains background information and a range of student and staff activities with well-defined learning outcomes. This is an excellent resource which deserves to be made available to schools and youth settings"
The PSHE Association


This is an important, useful and user-friendly resource. I really like the different sections for KS3 and KS4 as it's a topic that requires thoughtful preparation. I am also aware that sexual exploitation is a hidden threat- victims may be unaware of what may be happening to them and others in these situations. 'Love or Lies?' helps make young people become aware of the dangers and gives them strategies to resist risky peer pressure."
Peter Czajkowski, Head of PSHE




To get a taster of this resource you can download the pack sample below (a 35.6MB pdf document with over 20 pages) which includes background information, training materials and a free lesson plan for use with young people. All we ask is that you pay for this sample with a tweet or a facebook post!

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  • PSHE/Citizenship teachers
  • Head of year 09/10/11/12
  • Drama teachers
  • Religious studies teachers
  • Teachers leading assemblies
  • Pastoral leaders
  • School nurses


  • Designated Child Protection Liaison Officers (CPLOs) and their deputies
  • Youth workers
  • Sexual health practitioners
  • Youth offending staff


  • Police
  • Health workers
  • Social workers
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Professionals who train others to work with young people
1000 Children subject to sexual exploitation each day *

*The Child Sexual Exploitation - Gangs and Groups Inquiry (CSEGG)

13yrs Average age of victim of Child Sexual Exploitation *

*Barnados Children's Charity

80% Of young people want better realtionships education at secondary school.*

*Brook for Young People


Standard Price

The standard price for the 'Love or Lies?' education resource pack including free DVD is £249.00 with discounts available for bulk purchases. Click here to purchase

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Charity Price

Registered charities can purchase the pack for £99.00. You must supply your registered charity number in order to qualify for the reduced rate. Click here to purchase



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Our audiences are young people, professionals and front-line practitioners working with/ for young people and children (teachers, youth workers, child protection officers, members of like-minded organisations). We support those who share our Create, Inspire, Change philosophy.

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The following websites contain information about national organisations, networks and resources relating to children and young people at risk of, or affected by, sexual exploitation and their parents or carers:

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